The new way of watching TV on iOS.

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TV World

The world's biggest TV app for iOS


TV World streams channels faster than any other application.

No Subscriptions

TV World offers all channels with a single purchase.


TV World has been built to support watching channels over 100 countries.

Upcoming Content

TV World grows. New channels are added every day.


TV World allows you to suggest new channels to be added and is pleased to receive any kind of feedback.

Creative Design

TV World has been designed using the last tools to obtain a colorful and shine design.

Stay Tuned On the Go!

Would you like to be able to watch TV channels from all over the world from your iPhone, iPod or Ipad devices?
Right now this is possible with TV World. TV World is the new way of watching TV on IOS. These are some of the features of the application:

  • Watch channels over 100 countries
  • It is available in 12 different languages
  • Designed to be easy to be used at all kind of ages
  • Everything is perfectly organized for the future

Pay once: use it forever

TV World has neither any subscriptions nor advertisements. Make a lump sum payment and enjoy all the channels at any time.

The application is totally designed to operate with all Apple devices: iPhone, iPod and iPad. TV World has been thought to be the best app to watch TV.

Moreover, it is possible to search for channels from a precise country, language or category (news, sport,music) in a fast and easy way.

Everything is organized. The application has, at your disposal, a 'Favourites' section where the frontrunner channels can be added organized by countries automatically.

More than an app:

Would you like to suggest a new channel or do you think there is a channel with a wrong name, country or language?
You will not only be able to submit a proposal for new channels but also notify that a channel is being broadcast inaccurately.
You will be able to do your bit to help TV World to grow.


These are some of the screenshots of the app

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